Finding A Content Partner

In order to start offering content on your site, you'll need to find a content partner. If you're new to the world of web development, we would recommend looking at the following companies.


MediaPlazza offer a content provision system that's great for anyone just starting out in the ringtones business.

They offer a massive array of content, from template sites for affiliates without their own domain name (Example) which, although commercially viable probably aren't the best way to go, turnkey website kits (Example), or IFRAME content for anyone learning the basics of HTML site construction.

For the mode advanced developer, they also offer an XML data feed for full scale integration into a bespoke dynamic site.

We can thoroughly recommend Mediaplazza to anyone looking to experiment with their first site. Their system provides a great insight into the marketplace, and content can be sold to most mobile markets globally. The only real negative is that the per sale commission can be slightly disappointing - especially in certain markets - which makes it difficult to financially justify spending money on promotion.


Laiwa's range of services closely mirrors what's on offer from MediaPlazza. One area in which they lack by comparison though is with support information - the admin panel seems to be almost completely devoid of instructions. One feature which we particularly like though is the Whitelabel system. This can take a while to figure out but, once you've done so, you can provide it with FTP details for an account on your web server and it'll upload a completely customisable site to your server for you (Example).

Laiwa also provide data feeds in XML format for the more serious developer.

One other issue we've experienced is that their site can appear to struggle to cope with server load at busy periods. This issue seems to hit various content providers at times, and it's for this reason that with our own sites, we spread the risk by using a variety of sites backed by different hosting providers. That way, if one of your sites goes down, you can still rely on revenue from others.

2U (UK Market Only)

Content offered by the 2U site is UK specific at present (although the system is available to non-UK affiliates in some circumstances). Primarily 2U offer a mobile phone reseller's account, but anyone who has signed up for the system can optionally pay a small fee (typically £27) to become a mobile content reseller. By default, this provides a subdomain mobile content site (Example) which can be customised using a web interface, plus access to tools for setting up IFRAME content on the affiliate's won website.

For more advanced users, there's also a CSV data feed for all mobile content.

Although the affiliate's market is limited to the UK, earning potential with 2U system is very good, with up to £2 commission per sale available for mobile content. One downpoint is that a £5 admin fee applies to each monthly payment. The net effect of this monthly earning of less than £5 are wiped out, and earnings over £5 are reduced by £. However, the fee only applies where sales are made, and there is never a need to actually pay the fee - it's always deducted from earnings. For anyone serious about selling content, this is likely to be a minor issue - but one which we think 2U probably ought to reconsider, as it tends to reflect negatively on their otherwise very good affiliate system.

As an added benefit, affiliates also automatically get generic sites to promote selling mobile phones (Example), mobile phone unlocking, mobile phone insurance and iPod insurance. Revenue from these systems is fairly attractive - typically £30 commission on mobile phone sales and £15 for mobile insurance sales.

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